SNF Inc. Business Account Application

Thank you for your interest in a Business Account with SNF Inc.


Please complete and submit the form below to process your Business Account Request.

The customer hereby makes this application for credit to SNF Inc. (SNF). Should credit availability be granted by SNF, all decisions with respect to the extension or continuation of credit shall be at the sole discretion of SNF. SNF may terminate any credit availability at its sole discretion.

The customer agrees to pay for all purchases according to the terms established by SNF in response to this credit application. No terms or conditions of any invoice or purchase order which differ from the terms so established by SNF will govern the relationship between the parties.

The customer agrees that all amounts payable on or before the due date as shown on each invoice will be paid, and if not paid on or before such due date are then delinquent. It is understood that SNF may impose and charge a finance charge or delinquency charge at the highest rate allowed by law and any amount which becomes past due and delinquent. The customer agrees to be responsible for all collection costs and attorney’s fees in the event that SNF Inc. is forced to place the account for collection with an outside agency.

The customer represents that, as of the date of this application, it is solvent, able to pay its debts as they come due, and has not filed-nor is the subject of-any petition in bankruptcy or for reorganization under any federal or state bankruptcy law. Should the foregoing representation become false at any time during the course of a business relationship between the customer and SNF, or while the customer owes any amounts to SNF, customer agrees to immediately notify SNF of all facts surrounding any such occurrence.