Stewardship & Sustainability

Chemistry is essential to the products and services that improve our lives and help make us safer, healthier, and more productive.  Through the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Stewardship & Sustainability initiative and the Responsible Care® Global Charter, the chemical industry has made a global commitment to improve its environment, health, safety, and security performance.

The Responsible Care® initiative challenges the world’s leading chemical companies to achieve even higher standards of performance and generate greater value for their businesses.  The Responsible Care Management System® offers an integrated, structured approach to drive results in seven key areas:

  1. Community awareness and emergency response
  2. Distribution
  3. Employee health and safety
  4. Pollution prevention
  5. Process safety
  6. Product safety
  7. Security


Accordingly, SNF believes and subscribes to the following Guiding Principles that we will:

  • Conduct our business in ethical ways that benefit society, the economy, and the environment
  • Design and develop products that are manufactured, transported, used, disposed of, and recycled safely and responsibly
  • Communicate with customers throughout the value chain by providing information and training regarding any potential hazards or risks associated with our products, and by welcoming feedback or recommendations
  • Instill a culture throughout all levels of the organization to continually identify, reduce, and manage process safety risks
  • Promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste, and conservation of energy and other critical resources throughout the life cycles of our products
  • Cooperate with governments and organizations to help develop sensible and effective safety, health, environmental, and security laws, regulations, and standards
  • Support education and research on the health, safety, environmental, and security effects of our products and processes
  • Make continual progress toward a goal of no accidents, injuries, or harm to human health and the environment from our products or operations
  • Report health, safety, environmental, security, and sustainable development performance
  • Seek continual improvement in our integrated Responsible Care Management System® to address environmental, health, safety, and security performance
  • Promote Responsible Care® by encouraging and assisting other companies in adherence to these or similar Guiding Principles