SNF is a global leader in the field of acrylic thickeners for the textile industry, including chemicals for printing, dying, finishing, and sizing.  SNF works closely with companies and customers within the textile market to develop new polymers that are high-performing and cost-effective.  SNF’s ultimate concern is customer satisfaction and providing quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ needs for textile applications.





SNF’s FLOPRINT™ line of thickeners allows for higher printing speeds, superior performance, increased color yield, and higher shear rate.  FLOPRINT is compatible with most classes of dyes and natural thickeners.

Digital Printing



SNF’s FLOLUX™ line of pretreatment chemicals is used for digitally printed textiles including cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends.

  • FLOLUX™ DTP is a high quality anti-migrant developed by SNF to be added to the padding dye bath.  During the drying process, FLOLUX™ DTP prevents the migration of dyestuffs across the fabric and results in more uniform dyeing
  • FLOLUX™ PCR is a high-quality resin without formaldehyde.  This resin is used to increase value of garments by creating smooth and permanent wrinkles in given areas of the garment




SNF’s FLOSIZE™ line of products is used for sizing of warp yarns, and is a complete replacement for natural warp size such as starch.




SNF’s FLOFIX™ products are used for dyeing formaldehyde-free products.  This line of cationizing agents was developed to obtain special dyeing effects and improve color yield on cellulosic fibers dyed with pigments.