SNF Agriculture provides a knowledgeable field sales and support staff for the development of the agriculture product line.  The SNF Agriculture group has the experience to work with their customers to identity the products that best fit the application needs of the market.

SNF has developed products and application equipment for the turf and ornamental, production agriculture, and specialty crop markets.  SNF products are also a good fit for erosion control and dust control applications.



SNF Agriculture and SNF FLOQUIP have developed the POLY DOLLY™ Polymer Injection Unit for use with FLOBOND™ polymers for turf and crop irrigation applications.

Polyacrylamide has been used in flood and furrow irrigation systems for the past 15 years, but use in micro-jet, center pivot, drip, and high pressure systems for golf courses have been limited due to application difficulties. To solve these issues, SNF developed the POLY DOLLY™ Polymer Injection Unit.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Easy to calibrate and operate
  • Injects well-mixed solutions of PAM into irrigation systems
  • Prevents nozzle blockage
  • Adaptable to 110 or 220 volt electricity